Coral Spa - Official Video

Coral Spa - Official Video

Coral - Iperjet DF

Coral - Atex test

Coral - Atex test

Exemple d'une explosion dans une installation de filtration de poussières d'aluminium sans un filtre protégé selon les normes ATEX .

Coral - Welding torch filtration

Coral Eurodry Spray Booth chosen like top innovation technology by Buenos Aires City

Coral - Test esplosione senza Q-box al Powtech di Norimberga

Coral - Test esplosione con Q-box (mod. Q-rohr) al Powtech di Norimberga

Coral - new Fiber Laser cutting machine:
leading in production tecnologies for clean air

Coral - restauration and conservation division of the historical and architectural heritage

Coral - That's FILCAR Know How

Coral - Weld'One Unit for Torch welding smoke

Coral - skyhood application

Coral - Example of extraction system from a train exhaust

Coral - Filtering Coral system for muds oxidation and smell filtering (mercaptani or tioalcoli) through washing tower and biofilter

Coral - Zincocar DF application

Coral - Zincocar DF application

Coral - Ferrari 488 Spider with CORAL suction Evolution arms

Coral - LAFD Titanium Explosion

Coral - Water spray booth

Coral spa - painting test with Coral water spray booth

Coral - Polijet DF

Bracci Aspiranti Coral nel laboratorio di restauro della Reggia di Venaria