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Coral lands in Japan for Luxottica

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Coral Luxottica Fukui Japan

Two great artisan schools, the Italian and the Japanese, united under one roof and ready to relaunch a hub of eyewear excellence in the Rising Sun. In 2018, Luxottica Group acquired 67 percent of Fukui Megane Co. Ltd, a flagship in the high-end eyewear manufacturing industry and a major player in the local eyewear district.

Today, four years after Luxottica landed in Japan, a state-of-the-art air treatment plant goes into operation at the Fukui plant, made entirely in Italy by Coral, a historical partner of Luxottica Group.

This is a system tailored to Fukui's production needs concerning some particularly delicate materials to be processed.

Indeed, the Japanese company has since 1969 been a hotbed of talented craftsmen and designers (about a hundred are operating today) capable of masterfully etching precious metals such as titanium. As is well known, one of the critical characteristics of titanium is the risk of fire and explosion to which dust from it is subject. In addition, numerous other materials used in eyewear production possess peculiarities to beware of: flammable, irritating to the respiratory tract and characterized by a strong odor.The solution created by Coral for Luxottica Fukui consists of a centralized system equipped with two Airalt 360 cartridge filters with a flow rate of 25,000 cu m/h each customized specifically for the filtration of titanium dust plus an additional Airalt 360 filter unit with similar characteristics designed to treat other residues. The Coral filters in the Airalt line are certified for use in Atex (explosion hazard) zones for suction and filtration of pollutants classified ST1, ST2 and ST3. In the case of Luxottica's Japanese plant, the Airalt 360 filters used are certified for ST1 dust.

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