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Coral manufactures within its own factory in Volpiano, on the outskirts of Turin, 100% of the components that make up the machines, instruments and air extraction and filtration systems. In this way, Coral guarantees maximum quality and production flexibility, offering customers the best expertise in the field, thanks to a trained and specialized team and first-rate materials.

A global production

Coral manufactures 100 percent of the components of an industrial air intake and filtration system at our factory in Volpiano, just outside Turin. The quality of the materials used and our experience in the industry guarantee a high level of production for everything we make.

in-house production

Production Advantages Air Filtration Coral V2


Process and product quality


Continuous innovation


Production efficiency


Possibility of customizations as needed


High level of staff specialization


Selection of high quality materials

Production departments
internal to Coral

A factory of more than 28,000 square meters capable of housing all the different stages of creation of Coral's products and vacuum systems, from design to manufacturing to packaging and delivery. Each department is staffed by highly skilled professionals who are continuously updated on new technologies related to each individual process, to ensure that each product is always state-of-the-art and manufactured according to the latest updates in international standards.

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The machines used by Coral for sheet metal processing are of the latest generation and enable fast and functional management of each job to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.
Each stage of the process is managed in-house, from laser cutting to bending, and coordinated by the use of an automated warehouse. This makes the transfer of raw and semi-finished materials, from one area to another, fast and efficient.

20 welding stations with continuously trained operating personnel. Welders Coral are capable of handling even large-scale processing (just think of pipes and fittings, also manufactured in-house by Coral, which can reach diameters of more than 4 meters). Of course, each welding station is equipped with Coral systems for suction and filtration of fumes and dust to protect the operator's health.

Metal processing is, of course, a crucial step in production Coral and therefore deserves special attention. Among the tools at the Coral plant in Volpiano are hydraulic and mechanical presses that are unmatched by any competitor in Europe, as they are capable of up to 500 tons of pressing. The department's most important capital, however, remains its human capital: the highly trained operating staff is what makes the real difference.

The "finishing touch" before assembly: the painting department operates in a continuous cycle with effective interaction between man and machine. The catenary conveys the parts to be painted through the different stages (including passing through the oven booth for fixing) while two to four operators take care of the manual painting of each individual part, in special stations equipped with production suction booths Coral.

The same care given to the production part also applies to assembly: highly skilled fitters create the finished products with their own hands, which are then taken to the "test area" for final testing before delivery. The latter area is equipped with the best control instruments available on the market, to guarantee the customer the highest quality and performance, as well as compliance with current regulations.

The Coral facility also includes a dedicated warehouse area for storing finished products, consumables such as replacement filter cartridges or filter bags, and components for large filtration plants, while awaiting packaging (which is done with every care) and loading for delivery, which is done through dedicated hubs.