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OEM & Process Technology Division

Each machine is different from one another, and needs vary from customer to customer.

Coral OEM Division  was established to meet the filtration needs of machine manufacturers by providing them with service and engineering support. The goal is then to provide customers with customized solutions that meet both their own needs and those that the market and current regulations require.

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How Coral OEM division operates


Dedicated engineering office: ready to work with the customer to develop high-quality filtration solutions


Production control: we manage every single stage of the product, from sheet metal processing toassembly.


Multi-sector experience: thanks to know-how established over the years, we can handle the critical issues inherent in each sector to find tailor-made solutions for each machine. From numerically controlled (CNC) machining centers to shot blasting machines, from industrial fabric printers to polyurethane processing machines.


Engineering flexibility: we meet any challenge, from filtration for simple to complex systems, from the smallest to the largest machines, from dust extraction of materials such as steel, aluminum and plastics to composites (such as carbon fiber, fiberglass), ATEX and non-ATEX .


Reduced delivery time: for larger orders, we have the space to temporarily store equipment by organizing an ad hoc warehouse, reducing the delivery time of systems.


After-sales support: quality does not stop with the product alone. Once the order is completed, the OEM division is committed to providing constant and qualified support .

Coral Oem Process Technology Division