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Coral for UNOADUE: creativity and innovation in safety

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A winning idea that came to the minds of two girls born in 1981, who met among the desks of the University of Florence and graduated in architecture in 2007: to create studio models, models and prototypes destined for the most diverse market niches. From students to "fellow" architects to public and private entities to even reach out to simple modeling enthusiasts, Sara Pelacchi and Annarita Giannandrea, owners of Pisa-based UNOADUE, create study and presentation models, ship models, design prototypes, stage sets and mock-ups with extraordinary manual dexterity, thermal cutting tools, laser cutting and 3D printers.

UNOADUE's is an innovative business that responds to particular market needs but actually has an extremely large potential target audience because of the countless needs their works address.

The collaboration with Coral of this reality halfway between a craftsman's workshop and an architectural firm arose from the need to eliminate from the production areas the fumes resulting from the thermal and laser cutting of the plastics used and the surplus of painting (performed strictly by hand and therefore with a high exposure of the operator to potentially toxic substances).

UNOADUE's problems were brilliantly solved with two low-cost solutions for suction and filtration of thermal and laser cutting fumes and paint.

In the first case, it is the filter unit Coral F 800, a unit as compact as it is powerful, suitable for small spaces, equipped with an absolute filter with prefilter and activated carbon, with afiltration efficiency of 99.9 percent.

As far as painting is concerned, UNOADUE has equipped itself with a small paint booth Coral Minidry 1 with a high-performance fan and paper filter, which is suitable for the most effective suction and filtering of paint surplus for small parts.

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