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Narsi Group and Coral's contribution to Indian architectural excellence.

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Coral Narsi Group New Parliament India

A flexible, modern and avant-garde company, starting with the design of the rooms and ending with the choice of materials and fittings: this is Narsi Group, the flagship of Indian interior architecture, based in Mumbai. Narsi Group during its thirty years of existence has already given life to over 500 outstanding projects. One of these certainly stands out: the famous redevelopment of Central Vista in Delhi, India's parliamentary quarter, where the government of the world's most populous country makes its strategic decisions.
The interiors of the New Parliament at Central Vista are a perfect testimony to the technical and simultaneously visionary skills of the Narsi Group: the rooms, the library and the central hall itself required a labour of over 2,000 people and brought the design and fitting-out skills of the Narsi Group into the public eye.

Coral is particularly proud to have contributed to making this flagship of Indian architecture an even more modern and sustainable enterprise, through the installation of a system of a size suited to the Narsi Group's huge workload, especially regarding wood, a material also favoured for the New Parliament.

Coral supplied one Aircom 504 - 2.5 filter, i.e. a structure over 5 metres high perfect for dust and wood chips, suitable for centralised vacuum systems and equipped with an automated compressed air cleaning system that can be monitored remotely 24 hours a day. In addition to the extensive network of piping installed in the Narsi Group's factory in Mumbai, the Coral Aircom 504 - 2.5 filter is equipped with a briquetting machine for easy recovery and disposal of wood dust and chips. With its 504 filter bags, the Aircom 504 - 2,5 filter has a very large filter surface area (476 square metres) for a maximum flow rate of almost 62,000 cubic metres per hour.

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