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Sedamyl and Coral: a partnership that has lasted more than 10 years

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Sedamyl: a leading manufacturer of starches, glucose syrups and alcohols for distilleries, industries and food production worldwide. 

Founded in 1949 as a fruit distillery in Saluzzo, in the province of Cuneo, thanks to enlightened management it is now a steadily growing company with about 500 employees, sharing with Coral not only a partnership that has lasted for more than a decade (in fact, the first air filtration system installed in Sedamyl's Italian plants dates back to 2010 and the second in 2013) but also a vision of work and the future.

Sedamyl's targets: reduced environmental impact and employee welfare

In fact, Sedamyl's stated goals include several related to environmental sustainability and occupational safety.

For example, Sedamyl has set a target of zero CO2 emissions related to purchasing and energy consumption and an 8 percent reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions by 2025. In addition, the Sedamyl Group has always paid special attention to employees, doing everything possible to create a perfect work-life balance and to reduce the possibility of accidents at work to zero.

The customized suction and filtration system Coral chosen by Sedamyl

This is the background to the new plant commissioned from Coral and intended for the new plant in Selby, in the English countryside a few miles from Leeds. Sedamyl UK's requirement concerns the containment of fire and explosion risks arising from the processing of corn, starches and glucose to produce neutral ethyl alcohol for the market of some of Britain's most prestigious whisky distilleries.

Thanks to an atmosphere of cooperation, teamwork and a constant exchange of information between the technical staff of the two companies, Coral has created a custom version of Airalt/M, the most advanced bag filter manufactured by Coral, equipped with the Atex-certified explosion-proof panels and systems.

As a result, the new installation Coral will enable the protection of the health and safety of Sedamyl workers, a safeguarding of the quality of finished products, and, moreover, a considerable increase in production for the same number of working hours.

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