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Iperjet DF TOWER 20000

Horizontal cartridge filter unit for suction and filtration of welding fumes, coarse and fine dusts, dusts and fumes from thermal cutting, with integrated high-efficiency, low-noise fan. Effective even in large spaces. Does not require installation of piping. If allowed, filtered air is fed back into the work environment, resulting in significant energy savings.

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Model Table

Product features

Filter TypeCartridges (nr)Cartridge height (mm)Cartridge diameter (mm)Voltage (V)Frequency (Hz)Tank Volume (lt)

Key technical features

Filter surface area (sqm)Maximum flow rate (m3/h)Revolutions (rpm)Power (kW)PoliNoise (db(A))

Product size

Length (mm)Height (mm)Width (mm)Weight (kg)


General features

The Iperjet DF series of cartridge filters are suitable for indoor air treatment where the installation of a centralized system is not possible. Of different sizes according to requirements and pollutants to be removed, Iperjet DF filters are ready-to-use, easily handled and high performance.