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Coral For Honda: when performance and safety are key

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Just ask the two-wheeled enthusiasts who visited Honda's iconic Atessa plant: in addition to the extraordinary bolides produced, visitors noted the perfect organization of work, workshops resembling ateliers, and the extraordinary cleanliness and healthfulness of the environments.

Honda's all-Japanese philosophy is also based on this: not only vehicles at the forefront of technology, but also and above all a way of working that puts the health of the workforce at the forefront.

In this, Coral was able to serve Honda most effectively by designing, building and installing a centralized indoor air filtration and cleaning system with a capacity of 26,000 cubic meters per hour.

The system commissioned by Honda consists of two Airalt 360 Atex cartridge filters over 8 meters high, equipped with 24 cartridges each.

The application the Honda plant needs concerns dust from the processing of aluminum, a lightweight material for the frames of motorcycles produced at Atessa, but dangerous during production due to the phenomenon ofaluminothermia.

For this reason, the Coral Airalt 360 Atex filters for Honda have been equipped with an explosion suppression system and chemical barrier and are therefore capable of containing the damage that could result from any fire or deflagration. The filters are also equipped with a rotary valve for continuous discharge of coarser dust, while finer dust is retained by the cartridges (periodically cleaned by the automatic compressed air cleaning system).

Inside the Honda plant, the centralized system is complemented by suction booms from the Evolution No Smoke Atex line, which are certified to extract dust and polluting fumes with a high risk of explosion or fire.

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