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Coral for Snam Renerwaste: turning waste into a resource while reducing environmental damage

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Coral Snam Renerwaste Atex Filtration Plant Waste Disposal Cover

Snam is one of the leading European companies active in the energy sector: founded in 1941 to build methane pipelines and listed on the stock exchange since 2001, Snam today operates in numerous countries in Europe and beyond: it is present through investee companies in Albania, Austria, France, Greece and the United Kingdom, is among the shareholders of Trans Adriatic Pipeline and ADNOC Gas Pipelines, a company that operates 38 pipelines in the United Arab Emirates.

In addition to methane storage, transportation and regasification, Snam has also expanded its activities into other areas pertaining to the gas world, including the production of biomethane and compost through the valorization of municipal solid waste.

Through Renerwaste, which it wholly owns, Snam manages waste by separating the organic fraction, from which it removes carbon dioxide and pollutants, producing methane of biological origin to be fed directly into the distribution network. Undifferentiated and special waste, on the other hand, is biodried, compacted and disposed of at the appropriate waste-to-energy plants.

The latter operation takes place at the Snam Renerwaste plant in Lodi, Italy, at which a special Coral plant was installed in 2023 to abate air pollutants and substances with a fire or explosion risk.

It is aCoral Aircom CVS II3DST1 bag filter unit, suitable for suction and filtration of Atex-rated dust. The system covers the 24 pollutant development points of Renerwaste's processing line, with a total air flow rate of 76,000 cubic meters per hour. The filtration system is integrated with a 132 kW Coral PRU 1250/4 Atex high-efficiency centrifugal fan and, given the high fire risk of some treated pollutants, is equipped with a FLAP safety non-return valve, breakout panels, fire suppression system, and screw conveyor with rotary valve for continuous discharge of treated dust.

The Coral Aircom CVS II3DST1 bag filter chosen by Snam Renerwaste ensures maximum safety of operations, effectively doubling the benefits to the environment: on the one hand, the Snam Group company implements sustainable disposal of undifferentiated waste and, on the other hand, Coral intervenes to remove hazardous pollutants that can leak into the atmosphere.

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