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OCEM and Coral, together for integrated plants dedicated to processing cement agglomerates

Ocem Coral Filtering Plant Cover

Less than three years remain until the 100th anniversary of the founding of OCEM, a Florentine company now in its third generation and active in the design, construction and installation of plants for the production and processing of tiles and other cement and marble-cement agglomerate products. OCEM's machines therefore cater to manufacturers of tiles and slabs but also, with dedicated finishing lines, to producers of other cement products such as blocks and pavers.

During these years, OCEM has been able to seize the opportunities offered by the market by constantly developing new pressing and finishing technologies, making the machinery more and more high-performance, and becoming a full-fledged world leader in the production of so-called hermetic hydraulic systems and presses.

Some finishing lines designed and built by OCEM generate significant amounts of dry dust from mineral agglomerates. Hence the need for a partnership with Coral to supply machines and plants integrated with efficient and functional inert dust extraction and filtration systems.

The latest plant born from this collaboration between OCEM and Coral, two Italian companies but both with a great international vocation (OCEM's export reaches more than 95 percent), was installed in Eastern Europe and includes, among other things, a sandblaster and a brushing machine for cement products. These two machines were connected to a Coral filtration plant consisting of:

- cartridge filter unit Aircompact 16C 1000 CVS with automatic cleaning, capable of achieving a flow rate of 10,000 cubic meters per hour. The filter was modified to OCEM's precise requirements with a single hopper because of the reduced height of the usable space;

- modular filter unit Assoclean 82 With prefilter and additional absolute HEPA H13 filter stage with 99.95% efficiency

- Centrifugal electric fan, suitable for reintroducing filtered and perfectly clean air back into the atmosphere and equipped with soundproofing box to minimize noise

In addition, there are ductwork and electrical and control accessories to keep the system at peak performance and constantly under control even through the monitoring and support of the OEM division of Coral, which specializes in supplying plants for machinery manufacturers.

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