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Vestas: with Coral, a common mission

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Coral For Vestas Filtration Plant

Vestas and Coral are two very different companies in terms of industry and production, but with a similar vision: to make the planet a more livable place through air.

Vestas, founded back in 1898, is now among the global leaders in the production of wind energy systems: it designs, manufactures and installs its turbines all over the world (as many as 88 countries), fully earning the title of "theworld's most sustainable company" (source: Corporate Knights 2022).

Just as Vestas systems make power generation cleaner, Coral has helped make Vestas' work environment healthier with as many as seven systems installed at production facilities between 2015 and 2019.

Vestas' turbine manufacturing processes, especially in the finishing stage, involve one stage performed mechanically and one fully manual, with fiberglass being the main material. Manual finishing generates an amount of dust that is hazardous to workers' health, not to mention the risk of explosion.

The Coral systems to avert these risks consist of Airalt/M series bag filters that, combined with high-pressure fans (two per system) are capable of cleaning 3,000 cubic meters per hour of air of fiberglass dust.

Airalt/M filters installed at Vestas are equipped with explosion-proof panels and Atex-certified for use in zone marked 22 with ST1-type dust and are constantly monitored by Coral technicians using the Ahead remote control system.

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