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A snapshot of the economic system according to PwC: Coral Group still growing

NewsInsightJanuary 20, 2023
Coral Top 500 Turin 2023

The national newspaper La Stampa published in recent days the annual survey by PwC Italia, which as always offers a detailed and comprehensive overview of the Italian economic system and, in particular, of the Turin area, drawing up a ranking of the "top 500" companies for the year 2021.

The top of the ranking confirms Piedmontese transportation "giants" such as FCA Italy (national branch of Stellantis Group) and Iveco, first and second respectively, followed by Vodafone Italy in third.

The Coral Group shows further improvement over the previous fiscal year, in which the holding company companies withstood the impact of Covid-19 on business. It climbs an impressive nine positions, from 142nd in 2020 to 133rd in 2021, with production value equaling and surpassing pre-pandemic glories, with production value increasing by more than 116 million euros (a 29 percent growth over 2020) with profit keeping the same pace, standing at 8 million euros.

Excellent news also on the net cash front, which doubles further from the previous year, enabling the company to budget for major production and commercial investments for the next five-year growth steps.

Therefore, the way has been opened for a new business plan that will lead the Coral Group to complete the qualitative leap forward with a view to opening up to emerging markets (Africa and the Far East first and foremost).